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TogetherSF's latest recap 

3/7 Tenderloin rally recap

On March 7th, TogetherSF Action joined a rally in the Tenderloin to support the ambassador program contracts and police supplemental. The event was hosted at the Urban Alchemy Oasis, a park built in the Tenderloin to provide a safe place for community gatherings. Mayor London Breed and Supervisors Engardio, Dorsey, and Stefani were in attendance and gave rousing speeches in support of both the police supplemental and holding drug dealers accountable. 

Press clips:

3/8 Budget & Finance Committee update 

The Urban Alchemy extension contract was heard in the Budget and Finance Appropriations Committee on March 8th, but OEWD proposed that the contract be extended from June 2023 to December 2023. The committee made subsequent amendments and the item will sit for a week before being voted on at the 3/15 committee meeting. It will be heard at the full Board of Supervisors meeting on March 21st, and we will need your support. 

3/15 Police Supplemental call to action

We did it! The Chair of the Budget and Appropriations Committee, Connie Chan, has just announced that she scheduled Mayor London Breed’s $27 million Police Budget Funding Supplemental to be heard on Wednesday, March 15. 

However, we still have work to do. The Police Budget Funding Supplemental must first pass the Budget and Appropriations Committee before the entire Board of Supervisors can vote on it. These Supervisors currently sit on the Budget and Appropriations Committee and need to hear from you: Connie Chan, Shamann Walton, and Hillary Ronen. We must keep up the pressure on these supervisors from now until March 15 so that the Police Budget Funding Supplemental passes and can then be voted on by the entire Board of Supervisors on March 21.

What can you do?

3/21 Board of Supervisors 

If the Police Supplemental and Downtown Ambassador contract passes the Budget & Finance Appropriations committee on 3/15 both items will likely be heard at the following Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, 3/21. The police supplemental needs 8 of the 11 votes at the Board of Supervisors to pass and the Downtown Ambassador needs 6 of the 11 votes at the Board of Supervisors to pass. Once we know the outcome of the 3/15 committee hearing we will provide an update call to action and link to email your Supervisor to support both of these items. 

Public Comment Instructions_Police Supplemental 3.15.23