What is this all about?

In October 2022, after several years of steadily deteriorating conditions in the Tenderloin, a group of neighborhood leaders and business owners/managers came together to discuss what could be done to address the situation and hopefully salvage the viability of commerce in the area. While the TBC is comprised primarily of business and property owners, our interests are closely aligned with other groups that were formed from the neighborhood with the ultimate goal of stopping and hopefully reversing the downward spiral we've seen in the general condition of the area. 

While the disheartening manifestations of this trend are numerous, it is the perspective of the TBC that the root of the problem comes primarily from the prevalence of open air drug dealing led by organized criminal groups who took advantage of ineffective law enforcement policies during Covid to consolidate control over the illicit drug trade in the TL. Our streets are dominated by criminals who prey on the entire community, precluding the healthy and normal activity requisite for viable commerce. While efforts have been made to address the problem, they are not enough to save our businesses! 

The TBC is here to vociferously demand that the common sense laws we have on the books to protect our citizenry from the ravages of criminal interests and to provide the very basic pre-requisites for commerce to occur in a civilized society are re-implemented and maintained as consistently in our neighborhood as they are elsewhere. Without this basic standard in place, our businesses will continue to fail and the collapse we've seen in Tenderloin will accelerate catastrophically.

We feel that the increase in operational costs coupled with the significant loss of revenue directly related to the abnegation of standard civic and law enforcement policies poses an existential threat to business of all types in the Tenderloin. We are therefore requesting that the fees and taxes paid by businesses to the city of San Francisco over the past year be refunded to offset these burdens. Furthermore, we request that this abatement be carried forward until the minimum standards necessary for basic commerce enjoyed in other parts of the city can be re-established in our neighborhood. 

We have created the petition below with the above sentiments in mind...